Table Rock Art Gallery

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Each piece of stone is hand picked, according to color, size and depth, thoroughly washed and treated with a poly-acrylic sealant. Then the size appropriate image is drawn on the stone and painted with care. It is then twice treated with a spar urthethane UV spray and dried.

The image determines the size and shape of the stone in many ways. Whether it be a commission of a beloved pet or one of God’s creatures that strikes an emotion within us, it will fit within the “perfect” confines of the earth stone and become a one-of-a kind piece of original art. It is my privilege to share this blessing of God's talent with you.

Marty Schmitt -  

 Has God ever surprised you? Well, He did me! I’ve been into right-brain creative activities through high school, college and in business never imagining a possible “passion” for painting to be included in the mix later in life. And then ”this” … on “that”….. painting domestic animals and wildlife with acrylics on native Arkansas sandstone. With a lot of encouragement from my husband Larry, family and friends the “vision” began!