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           Janice O'Neill

     From early on I've been interested in the

beauty of nature and the wonderful colors

that surround us. I grew up in North Dakota

where the sparkling world of new snow took

my breath away. My artistic endeavors didn't

start until I was married and living in Alabama where I took my first tole painting and calligraphy classes. Since my husband was an Army officer and we moved a lot, I tried a new art or craft everywhere we lived. In Hawaii I took up oil painting and painted landscapes on location. In Kansas, I learned the art of Wheat Weaving. In Texas I combined tole painting and calligraphy, and

started a business using my artistic talents and my husband's

business talents. In 2006, we sold

and moved to the Ozarks. I have

enjoyed learning about new art

techniques and new mediums! I

have now decided to concentrate

on my three top loves : drawing

people, painting with acrylic and

creating with mosaics.


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