Each spring, TRAG artists have the opportunity to buy a "box".  They are then challenged to take whatever is in the box, create a work of art that either includes it, is inspired by it, or ????  Usually, at our July TRAG meeting, the artists share the results and the members vote on their favorites.  As we all know, though, this year NOTHING is "as usual."
  • SO, we postponed the competition to August -- but were not able to meet at our normal site. 
  • Our Plan B is that now all 14 entries are displayed at the Gallery AND here on this page.  If you click on any of the images below, they will enlarge and you can use the arrows on each side of the image to scroll through the entire list.
  • You are invited to come to the Gallery and cast your ballots for the Box Numbers of your top 3 picks, now through September 19. 
  • The ultimate winners will be announced at the September TRAG meeting (and they will receive cash awards!)
Come to the Gallery NOW and vote for your favorites!!!
Pandora ballot box
Pick your top three favorite entries and enter the box numbers on the ballot.
The small photos show what was in the artist's box!
Box 3
Box 5
Box 14
Box 16
Box 19
Box 26
Box 27
Box 28
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