Each spring, TRAG artists have the opportunity to buy a "box".  They are then challenged to take whatever is in the box, create a work of art that either includes it, is inspired by it, or ????  At our July TRAG meeting, the artists share the results and the members vote on their favorites.  Last year Brenda Vivieros challenged us to rethink -- A classic tale!  Everyone who bought a box found a small replica of a classic children's book inside, and that was their challenge -- to somehow depict the tale!  We had 11 entries that interpreted Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little, The Little Prince, The Borrowers, Heidi, Uncle Wiggly, The Velveteen Rabbit, Swiss Family Robinson, A Christmas Carol, Wind in the Willows, and Are You My Mother.   The photos here were taken as each artist explained how he or she had interpreted the story.  All entries are now on display at the Gallery.  Next month we will find out about our 2022 challenge!
  • After our July meeting you are invited to come to the Gallery and cast your ballots for your top 3 picks, now through August 16. 
  • The ultimate winners will be announced at the AUGUST TRAG meeting (and they will receive cash awards!)
Come to the Gallery then and vote for your favorites!!!