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Pat is a serial-monogamist when it comes to choosing the medium she works with.  First, she did only prints -- etchings and lithographs, then she branched out to acrylics under the instruction of Margie Peterson.  Water-miscible oils paints attracted her for a couple of years, but then late in 2014 she reluctantly started exploring the possibilities available with colored pencil (Karen Deeds led a workshop that summer).  So, colored pencils are her current artistic obsession and that is primarily what you will see of her work on display at the Gallery.  The work shown here is creataed with a combination of watercolor pencils, inktense pencils, and oil-based colored pencils.  It's a still life of the things tucked into a corner of her dining room and the title is "Don't put BABY (elephant) in the corner!"  It was recently accepted in the annual Senior Art Show in Springfield in 2019.  


To see more of her artistic journey, visit her website: 

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