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TRAG Artists score big in Annual Juried Senior Art Exhibit

At the Artists Reception on March 21, TRAG artists celebrated by walking away with three of the top awards and snagging nearly 25% of the places in the exhibit. This was the 21st year that the Gerontology Program at the Missouri State University has sponsored this annual exhibit "Celebrating Creativity in Later Life." The exhibition is open to all visual artists who are 60 or older. This year the program received 95 entries. About 60 of those, representing 45 artists, were selected via a three judge jury process to be included in the show. Ten TRAG members had at least one piece of artwork accepted, plus, as one of the three jurors, Sam Hull had a piece included. Altogether, TRAG had 16 pieces of art on display in the exhibition.

The three TRAG artists receiving awards were: Yvette Ayres (Fabric Art Award), Linda Edge-Dunlap (Photography Award), and Helen Long (National Art Shop Memorial Award). The other TRAG artists selected for the show were: Pat Bell, Karen Deeds, Nina Fournier, Patricia Hovis-French, Joanne Kenney, Jan Rosenburg, and Bonnie Zak.

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