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Silly, silly animals!

So, the May "Artist of the Month" theme was Silly Animals, and our TRAG artists relished the challenge (and fun) of sharing some of the silliest (and cutest) animals they could dream up! Jan O'Neill won first place with her shy animal peeking out of an iris bloom. Taking second place, Karen Pugh shared her kitten's antics looking out from under her sofa up-side-down. Helen Long took third place honors with her 2-part interpretation (2-D and 3-D) of a turtle getting ready to snorkle. Finally, Jack O'Keefe earned an honorable mention for his "Sittun' Duck on vacation." Congratulations to all. (Please stop by the Gallery and see all of the entries up close and personal. They will be on display until the third Monday in June when we hold our next meeting.

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