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A Good Time was had by ALL!

Our "Last Tuesday" Mini-Workshop scheduled for August 28 really exceeded our expectations! Jan Rosenburg diligently tried to keep her "students" under control as we explored the capabilities of using silk dyes on silk hoops (and on scarves!). Some of us should have paid better attention to how to use salt to enhance the patterns in the dye. Pat Hovis-French accidentally grabbed an open bottle of dye instead of the salt and poured eggplant dye all over her design. All's well that ends well though. That experience taught us that if we hurry to the bathroom with the hoop, most of the unwanted dye can be rinsed off -- and the design really was somewhat enhanced, just not with salt! We each completed two hoops and most of us painted a scarf as well. Thanks, Jan, for an amazing art experience! (Remember the next mini-workshop is scheduled for the last Tuesday in October when Sandy Fearn will lead us in making origami ornaments. Be sure to save the date on your calendars!

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