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Did you know....?

The Table Rock Art Gallery is more than just a place to fall in love with art by local artists, it's a place for local artists to gather and share and learn!

Learn? That's right, there is a library filled with books about all genres of art and art mediums!!!! It's available for anyone to browse through, and Guild members may check out the books and take them home for more in-depth study.

What about the "gather and share" thing? How about stopping by the Gallery on the First Saturdays in March, April, and May (that's when Pat Hovis-French will be "sitting" the Gallery). She will have a card table set up, a variety of art materials available, and would love to have her fellow art journalists (and others) join her to create an additional journal page or some other project, have a cup of coffee, and share art stories! [We had fun doing it at the library last Tuesday. A few photos of our efforts are posted here!]

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