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Ready, Set, GO!

This was a really busy day for a number of TRAG members. Helen Long and Paula Buzenius were the first to arrive and the last to leave. They started the day at the Gallery before 9 a.m. setting up the work tables and draping the glass shelves in preparation for the matting and hanging jobs that were to follow. They were soon joined by Susan Sketers, Sandy Fearn, Pat Hovis-French, and Don French (yes, we put him to work, too!). David Carver also pitched in to help in the afternoon. At 5 p.m. the crew called it a day, tired but pleased as they looked at the amazing student art displayed on the Gallery wall.

The Annual Table Rock Art Guild Student Art Show opens tomorrow and runs through Sunday, March 31. A party/reception for the young artists will take place on Saturday, complete with face painting, craft opportunities, and cookies! (For the TRAG artists, Helen Long recommends that you take a particularly good look at the masks made by the Cedar Ridge Intermediate School 6th graders because MASKS is the October Artist of the Month TRAG theme and you will certainly be inspired!)

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