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Pandora's Box (or bag) time is approaching!

Pandora's Box is one of the most fun ARTIST OF THE MONTH themes that TRAG has! This year, Judy Bell is in charge, and instead of members purchasing boxes with unknown objects to feature in their July artistic creations, she challenged us with lovely small bags containing pieces of jewelry from the various places she had visited over the years along with the name of the place where she obtained it. Recipients can either use the piece of jewelry in their art, be inspired by it, and/or the location from which it came. Stay tuned for the results at our July meeting. Besides members being able to vote on their favorites then, everyone has the opportunity to come to the Gallery, see the creations, and vote. All votes will be counted and tabulated to determine the ultimate winners (who actually get cash awards this time!)

Here, just for fun, are a few Pandora's Box winners from previous years.

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