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Table Rock Art Guild Maida Fannin Art Scholarship Recipient Announced!

The Table Rock Art Guild is pleased to announce the winner of the Maida Fannin Art Scholarship for 2020. Miss Katelyn Lebow, a senior at Galena High School, was nominated by her art teacher, Brooke Villa. Ms. Villa has had Katelyn in class for the past five years and she is currently in two advanced art classes and tutors the junior high art students. In her recommendation, Ms. Villa stated, “Katelyn’s strengths will set her up for a successful college career and future. She is dedicated to her art practices and is always working to expand her abilities in a variety of different art mediums.”

In addition to being recommended by their art teachers, applicants for this scholarship must submit a portfolio of 3-5 pieces of their art and an essay outlining how art fits into their future plans. The following paragraphs are excerpts from Katelyn’s essay:

”My future plans hopefully involve both my passions of agriculture and art. As of right now, I am undecided on what my major will be between art or agriculture education.

Agriculture is a huge part of my life. I currently serve and manage 80 laying hens. My family used to keep a couple Holsteins to raise, sell, and butcher. Agriculture as played a major role in my life. It has taught me many life lessons and responsibility.

Art has also been a major part of my life. If I pursue art in college, I would major in Art Education. I have been very lucky in my art career. I have received multiple awards at our Southwest Central League art competition, and I currently have one of my pieces in the governor’s office at the state capital. I receive this honor by having my artwork hand- selected by the governor out of hundreds of other submissions from high schoolers all over the state.

I’ve always loved helping younger students with their artwork. Both my junior and senior year, I tutored the 7th and 8th grade art students. I found my love for ceramics my 8th grade year and have been crafting my ceramic skill ever since. I’ve recently stated giving ceramics classes to younger elementary students. In saying this Art Education is something I’ve always been interested in. I am strongly considering this as my future career, but I am struggling with my choice with my joint love of agriculture.

No matter what I major in, ceramics will always be a passion of mine. My dream is to open my own ceramics studio one day. I plan to buy a pottery wheel after I graduate to keep improving my skills. Art will always be a part of my life. My dream for my studio is to be able to still create art along with teaching and inspiring others to improve their ceramic skills as well. “

Normally, the scholarship recipients would be announced at a reception at the Gallery the first weekend in April and their art work displayed there during the month. Our "new normal" is still under construction (like everyone else's) and perhaps this summer you will be able to meet Katelyn and see her art at the Gallery. Stay tuned for more information!!!!

In the meantime, please enjoy viewing her portfolio in this post's slideshow:

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