The Table Rock Art Gallery is a subsidiary of the Table Rock Art Guild, fondly known as TRAG.  Local artists, who are members of TRAG and who live within 50 miles of Kimberling City display their art in the Gallery on a rotating basis.  Go to the "Artists" pages to learn more about the members whose work is currently on exhibit in the Gallery.  BUT THAT'S NOT ALL WE DO! Go to the "About TRAG" and "Guild Activities & Information" pages for more details about the Guild.  HERE ARE THREE IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT US NOW:


We share our art with each other and with the community -- in the Gallery AND at our monthly meetings (the 3rd Tuesday of the month, 10:30 a.m., Kimberling Area Library Community Room)


Each spring, we highlight and share the art created by area children.  This year we had our first Children's Art Show in our new location!  It was such fun to see the amazing art by nearly 200 talented young artists! 


We have an ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF ART (except in 2020) 
This year the Festival will be on September 30 through October 2nd!  Mark your calendars NOW so you won't miss it!  ( at the Kimberling Area Library Community Room)

The thumbnail images here (arranged in alphabetical order of the artists last names) give you a "sneak peek" at some of the current panels of art in the new Gallery.  We have several new members displaying their work and are currently in the process of bringing our list up-to-date.  Stay tuned for the latest information!!!  (or just stop by the Gallery and see their work up close and personal!!!).    

(If you are viewing this on a laptop, and left click on an image, a full view of the panel will appear and you can use the "arrows" on each side to navigate to the next panel or click on the X in the upper right corner to return to the slide show.  If you are viewing it on your mobile phone, when you left click on an image, that image will enlarge and include the artist's name and medium.  Click on the X to return to the home screen)  


Gail Attanasio

Artist: Gail Attanasio Medium: Photography / Digital images

Yvette Ayres

Artist: Yvette Ayres Medium: Fabric Art

Pat Bell

Artist: Pat Bell Medium: Watercolor

Debbie Bridges

Artist: Debbie Bridges Medium: Photography

Paula Buzenius 2

Artist: Paula Buzenius Medium: Photography

Paula Buzenius

Artist: Paula Buzenius Medium: Photography

Sharon Clarke

Artist: Sharon Clarke Medium: Photography

Karen Deeds

Artist: Karen Deeds Mediums: Water color, colored pencil, silk paintings, jewelry

Linda Edge-Dunlap

Artist: Linda Edge-Dunlalp Medium: Photography

Linda Edge-Dunlap 2

Artist: Linda Edge-Dunlap Medium: Photography

Don Haberman

Artist: Don Haberman Medium: Photography

Barbara Hirsh

Artist: Barbara Hirsh Medium: Pottery

Brent Holland

Artist: Brent Holland

Artist: Brent Holland

Helen Long

Artist: Helen Long

Helen Long 2

Artist: Helen Long

Peggy Masterman

Artist: Peggy Masterman Medium: Pottery

Linda Muraski

Artist: Linda Muraski

Linda Muraski

Artist: Linda Muraski Medium: Acrylic Pours and Resin

Jack Okeefe

Artist: Jack O'Keefe Medium: Acrylic paintings

Kimberly Pope

Artist: Kimberly Pope Medium: Oil

Gayle Page

Artist: Gayle Page Medium: Rolled paper coillages / acrylic

Gayle Page 2

Artist: Gayle Page

Karen Pugh

Artist: Karen Pugh

Dianne Robben

Artist: Diane Robben

Diana Robben 2

Artist: Diane Robben Mediums: Acrylic / Oil

Jan Rosenburg photos

Artist: Jan Rosenburg Medium: Many!

Jan's Jewelry

Artist: Jan Rosenburg Medium: Jewelry

Darlene Ruta 2

Artist: L. Darlene Rutz Medium: Acrylic

Darlene Rutz

Artist: Darlene Rutz Medium: Acrylic paintings

Jim Salvo

Artist: Jim Salvo

Jim Salvo

Artist: Jim Salvo Medium: Ink / Acrylic / Photography

Janet Shannon

Artist: Janet Shannon Media: Acrylic

Shawn Swinney

Artist: Shawn Swinney Medium: Photography

Artist: Kathy Thierstein Medium: Jewelry

Artist: Yvonne Thurman Medium: Jewelry

Brenda Vivieros

Artist: Brenda Vivieros Medium: Watercolor