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           Janice O'Neill

I was born, raised and educated in North Dakota. 

My artistic endeavors didn't start until my

marriage to an Army Officer.  One thing about a

24 year military career, you will be exposed to

numerous artistic learning opportunities as you

move about the world.  I took tole painting and calligraphy classes in Alabama, next, the state of Hawaii was the perfect place to learn the art of oil painting.  Of course the opportunities to paint plein air, beautiful landscapes and seascapes were plentiful.  After Hawaii, Kansas was a great place to master the art of wheat weaving.

We then moved to Texas where I combined tole painting and calligraphy, and later sold my creations at craft shows.  When my husband retired from the Army we decided to turn my part time hobby into a full time business by combining my husband's business savvy and my artistic talents.

In 2006, we sold our business of 15 years and retired to the Ozarks.  I now had the time to try other creative things like basket weaving 

and mosaic.

In 2008 I started taking drawing classes and fell in love with drawing portraits of people and animals using colored pencils, pastels and acrylics.


I joined the Table Rock Art Guild in 2015.  Thru the years of living in the Ozarks I have taken workshops to improve my art and have discovered that the more I paint or

draw the more I want to learn.

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Jan O'Neill artwork
Jan O'Neill artwork
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