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Jane Ballard

Jane Ballard

As a photographer who rarely travels far from home, I focus on the world around me.  Most of my photographs are realistic representations of my subjects, using editing programs mostly for color enhancement, sharpening, and cropping, although I am always learning new techniques.  


I regard my photographs as “finished” once they are printed.  The images you see here will never be printed again, unless someone actually requests the image.  Once I have seen my image in print, I considered it done and archive the file.


I am currently enjoying the challenges of intentional camera movement and multiple exposures - which are all of the images here today.  Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) is all about breaking the rules and embracing the beauty of blur. By intentionally moving your camera while the shutter is open, you can create mesmerizing, dreamlike images. The results are reminiscent of an Impressionist painting, except instead of a paintbrush, you use a camera! It’s a delicate dance between control and experimentation.

Most digital cameras have a built-in option for creating multiple exposure images. This makes it easy for photographers to experiment with this fantastic technique.  Multiple exposure is the term used when two or more exposures are captured in the same image.  They can be two or more of the same subject or of completely different subjects - it’s all up to the photographer!

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