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From Zentangled to Untangled in one day!

At our "Last Tuesday" mini-workshop on March 26th, Josie Roetto taught Karen Deeds, Donna Gillespie, Barb Hirsh, Pat Hovis-French, Susan Sketers, and Sandy Fearn the 11-Step process to create a ZENTANGLE and "get in the zone" creatively.

  1. Relax

  2. Breathe

  3. Admire the paper and tools

  4. Appreciate the opportunity

  5. Draw your border

  6. Draw a string

  7. With your pen, draw your tangles

  8. With pencil, shade

  9. Initial the front and sign/date the back

10. Reflect and appreciate

11. Admire

In-between, Josie shared stories and pictures about her life in Alaska where she still spends her summers. At the end of the day of fun everyone was relaxed, "untangled", and addicted to going home and getting in touch with their inner zen(tangle)!

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