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Pandora -- puzzled and out of the box!

Wow! What an amazing assortment of creativity yesterday as we brought our "visions" of what was in our Pandora "puzzle" boxes to share! As usual, what we enjoyed most was hearing the stories of how the artists arrived at their personal solution to their "puzzle!" We voted on our favorites at the meeting, based on the best interpretations of the challenge and had four "winners," a tie for first place to Helen Long and Karen Deeds, second place to Donna Gillespie, and third place to Jan Rosenburg. Their photos and entries are posted here. We could consider this just the "pool play" though (sorry, I've been watching too many of my grandson's baseball tournaments this summer and the lingo just crept in), and now the public can come to the Gallery and place their votes. The final ballots will be counted on August 21 -- adding the initial votes to those placed at the Gallery. The ultimate winner will receive a tidy sum as a prize! Hope many will join in the fun and come to the Gallery to see Pandora's Box 2017 entries.

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