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Shawn Swinney 

Shawn is a disabled Navy Veteran, who upon being Honorably Discharged, voluntarily signed up to go to Afghanistan as a civilian augmentee with the Army. The projects he led and directed are credited with saving the lives of 2,500 United States service personnel. Upon returning to the United States, he worked as a contractor supporting the Pentagon and the White House, as well as other governmental agencies in and around Washington, D.C.

About two years ago while visiting his parents in Colorado he was almost killed when a horse unexpectedly failed to launch him into low earth orbit. As his numerous injuries healed it was the camera that became his companion, capturing sights that would have never been discovered in the hustle and bustle of the big city as he rediscovered the all too familiar journey with no particular destination. The pictures you see are his way of sharing those moments with each of you.

Shawn Swinney
Shawn Swinney artwork
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