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Pandora's Box, Phase 1, is complete -- now it's time for YOU to vote!

At TRAG's July meeting, 13 brave TRAG members accepted the Pandora's Box challenge and shared the art inspired by the contents of the "Bag" they purchased earlier this summer. The results were fascinating and members were entertained by the stories about the art that were shared by the artists. Yes, there was voting at the meeting for favorites, but the results of that vote will remain a secret (unless you were at the meeting and thus were privy to the results). Why? Because all of the entries are now on display in the Gallery and everyone can come in and vote for their 1st 2nd, and 3rd choices. At the August meeting, the combined votes from the meeting and from the public will be tallied and the lucky winners will receive CASH prizes! Don't miss this opportunity to support your favorite TRAG artist!

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